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Welcome to the portal "education, testing and career." In this portal, it is about both, the complete course of education with all of its stations such as school, apprenticeship and study as well as the later job and all things around this. On the right side, there is a list of the most popular topics and the unanswered questions. This portal is divided into:


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What's a Keynote?!
Recently, I keep hearing the term "Keynote" in different contexts. For the first time, I noticed the term among Apple users, by...
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How to know what I need to know in high school and for exams?
Many pupils and students going straight in the direction of their graduation or any other exam, are unsure, what they have to...
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Axuter: In fact, a keynote is nothing more than just a normal Power Point presentation. The term "keynote" is a word that means something like...
Question | What's a Keynote?!

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What's a Keynote?!
Question | 1 Answer


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